The Rosetta Stone Discover Languages SmartGlass application was released as a companion to the award winning Xbox One application. The SmartGlass application provides the user with a second screen experience for the Xbox One application’s Journal, contextual Phrase Book and Study Hall. While exploring the Xbox application, users can access the instructional tools through the SmartGlass application to increase their understanding of the language. In addition, both Phrase Book and Study Hall are accessible without a SmartGlass connection, allowing continued learning while on the go.

Rosetta Stone SmartGlass Japanese Phrasebook


Rosetta Stone sought to provide users with additional language learning support.

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Rosetta Stone SmartGlass Korean
Rosetta Stone SmartGlass


The application was written using WinJS 3.0 in order to maximize consistency with the Xbox One application and across web platforms. As a hosted SmartGlass application, careful attention was given to platform specific implementation of web controls. The application uses the SmartGlass API to communicate with the Xbox title application and allows direct navigation to conversations or locations.

Rosetta Stone SmartGlass French Journal


The Rosetta Stone Discover Languages SmartGlass application provides another entry point into language learning.

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